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The Best Possible Solution that can Satisfy Your Business Needs Greatly.

Open Net Technologies provide tech support for all the businesses of SMBs related to any industry. We are the complete IT partner for your organization to empower technology at your side and let you become the unbeatable leader in your business industry.

We deliver world-class Tech Support From SMBs to large-sized businesses and let them avail the opportunity to move efficiently. We have remarkable strength in building a custom tech solution that can meet the needs of the business accurately with the incursion of less investment.

Every industry has its own features. We focus on every precise detail to serve an entirely satisfying service according to your industry.

SMBs and Startups

We are very clear on how to help new startups and SMBs. We provide fully managed tech support services that enable us to manage every operation efficiently.


We must stay there when your in-house team is busy with other essential issues. Our cloud mitigation service and active response toward the backup recovery will help in keeping a smooth continuity of business.

Our Services are Provided to Established and Emerging Industries

The Open Net Technologies is always willing to hear from you & formulate the best possible solution that can satisfy your business needs greatly.


Stay relaxed with us. Our tech solutions are fully secured & following the regulations of (HIPAA). We provide the breeze of a secured health care record system, protected cloud storage, Billings solutions, burden control, etc


We ensure security against cybercrime. We are well known for how devastating cyber attacks are. Our services can keep you protected from losses.


For non-profit organizations, cyber defense is the most crucial factor. We build fundraising software that can collect donations and keep the donor's data secret. We provide excellent protection against cyber threats and assist the helpdesk services.


With The Open Net Technologies have become more feasible to protect high confidential series of information. We are strict in pursuing safety protocols according to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Tech startups

When you are busy developing your brand and hard working to grab the targeted audience, our hand is on your shoulder to handle all the basic requirements of your startup's IT infrastructure.


We understand the sensitivity of schooling records. We do not leave any questions about the data security of the students.

Real estate

Get a unique real estate solution from us. Through which enjoy the streamlined business operations.


Keep the inventory record, employee management, processing automation workflows, and more at your fingertips. We will assist you in executing devices that merge effortlessly with your existing network.

Our Services are Available for All Sizes and Types of Companies

Maximize Uptime of Services

Maximize uptime

It is important not to lose more mobility than you have to because your in-house team is too busy resolving issues. We are always ready to jump in and get the problem solved fast!
Increase Efficiency of IT Services

Increase efficiency

If you need help with the tools to build your next-gen app, we have a full stack of services to choose from, including automation technology and cloud-based services.
Improve the Security of Businesses

Improve security

When it comes to your business's security, you can't afford to be lax. Out of 50 percent of businesses that suffer from a security breach, more than half go out of business within the next six months.

Upgrade hardware

Legacy hardware can only take you so far in the 21st century. Modern hardware is essential for your business to remain competitive in today's technological environment.

Top-Quality Services at Affordable Prices

Businesses should watch their bottom line, but they shouldn't use that to underfund their IT department.

We provide all the technical support you need, backed by a low monthly fee. There are no surprise charges, and it doesn’t matter whether we’re helping you remotely or if we need to come into your office: You pay only for the time we spend with you.

It is a true blessing to have a partner who can understand the unique need of your business, like The Open Net Technologies. Please get in touch with us and keep yourself informed about every exciting offer.


Outpace Your Competition... Work Smarter

Digital transformation enables companies to remain competitive with those that think strategically about the future.

We can help your business stay competitive. Our digital transformation experts and virtual chief information officers (vCIOs) can advise you on transformation solutions that can bring new technologies to your company and make it more efficient.