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Construction IT Solutions

Construction? You NEED our IT solutions!

IT Services for Construction Companies

There are deadlines to be met on time when it comes to construction companies. Not to forget the budget constraints. In such conditions having an in-house, IT team 24/7 can prove expensive. Your firm needs a Managed service provider in IT like New World Technologies. Our professional IT team manages your extensive supply chains and inventory relationships perfectly. Now, you don’t need to worry about IT problems and network breakdowns on any construction project.

IT Services for Construction Companies


When you collaborate with a top-notch Managed Service Provider (MSP) like New World technologies, you gain numerous benefits:

Technical Support

We give support for the technologies that run your essential applications. Such as calculations, accounting, project management, and document management.

 Highly-Skilled Staff

You get access to highly trained and skilled staff. Our IT experts deliver cost-effective and comprehensive IT solutions to your construction firm.

Extensive Experience

Your construction firm gets a highly experienced IT partner that works perfectly with supporting software. For instance, Sage, Quickbooks, and AutoCAD programs.

Fully managed Cyber Security

With us, you can have greater peace of mind as we constantly protect your firm’s data from cyber-attacks.

Backup and Recovery Services

New World Technologies offers backup and recovery services in case of a disaster or contingency to ensure your data’s safety.

Mobile Access

We create flexible working solutions by helping you work from multiple locations or devices remotely.

Workflow Automation

We can provide workflow automation with your technology to simplify everyday business processes. Examples include,

  • filling out safety forms,
  • employee check-in procedures
  • Attendance marking system and many more.
VPN Setup and Maintenance

Our panel of IT experts can set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure secure and long-term communication. We deal with all the steps for you, from VPN deployment to ongoing management. The data stays encrypted throughout the usage.