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Real Estate and Property Management

Open Net Technologies bring innovation and technical support to your real estate companies. Now you can easily shift from paper-based offices to a digitalized real estate or property business with us as your partner. With over 20 years of experience in technology-managed services, we are considered the top choice for real estate companies in Las Vegas City. Our IT experts help you gain maximum benefit from real estate with the use of the latest technologies. Such as cloud computing and IT devices.

Real Estate IT expert

Why choose Open Net Technologies as your real estate IT expert?

We provide you with a bundle of top-notch services as your Managed IT Server in real estate.

1. Reliable IT service provider

Our professional staff at Open Net Technologies delivers a highly responsive and experienced IT helpdesk available 24/7. An absent office staff due to downtime can adversely affect real estate clients and may cause loss of the potential deal. Our constant IT support ensures your business operates at full efficiency.                          

2. Digital transformation

We truly change your real estate organization for the better with the perfect use of technology. For instance, introducing digital forms to make mortgage and rental processes smoother.

3. Better customer relations

Quick response and guidance about real estate matters from our IT experts online build client value. You get stronger relationships with potential tenants and buyers online with a constant support IT structure.              

4. Mobile Technology

Open Net Technologies give speedy maintenance and inspections with mobile technology.

5. Productive workflows

Our IT experts help you to organize and manage staff through online monitoring. We also increase your real estate firm’s profitability and efficiency through better teamwork and communications.

6. Cloud-based security

We at Open Net Technologies use our first-rate knowledge of cloud computing to provide reliable, cloud-based security camera solutions to your real estate firms. You can check the video feed of multiple-location cameras through a single computer or mobile.

Ready for world-class services from a trusted technology partner?

Our number is 702-266-2845. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more about how we streamline operations for our clients in Las Vegas City.