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Las Vegas Healthcare Organizations

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Healthcare IT Services

Open Net Technologies have prided itself as the premium healthcare IT managed services provider in Las Vegas. We’re ready to help you take the next step in improving your technology as a healthcare provider. No one can refute the importance of using the latest IT solutions for your healthcare facility. Here, a trusted IT adviser like Open Net Technologies streamlines all your medical and IT-related processes.

Healthcare IT Services

Who do we partner with?

We work with all kinds of healthcare organizations.

  • Individual Doctors
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Telehealth facilities
  • Clinics and mental health facilities
  • Maternity centers
  • Nursing and assisted living centers
  • Short-term rehabilitation facilities and more.

Why do you need Open Net Technologies?

Your healthcare clinic or hospital always needs expert-managed IT services like ours. Some valid reasons for this statement include:

1. Strict legal requirements

We help you comply with the strict legal requirements imposed on the medical industry, such as the HIPAA regulations. To avoid any regulatory mishap, the technology used in a medical office must run smoothly without a glitch. Our IT professionals have got your back. We diligently prevent the data loss of sensitive patient medical information as such a breach may ruin your clinic’s reputation.

2. Cyber attacks/Hacking prevention

Cybercrimes in Healthcare can occur due to insufficient IT protection. In your hospital or clinic’s case, a data breach usually revolves around a cyber-criminal hacking into the network to steal valuable patient information. Such info may contain,

  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Medical history

Our managed IT services conduct a Cybersecurity assessment to check any potential breaches in your system. Then we remedy such weaknesses by recommending procedures to safeguard your business.

3. Emergency backup

Technology outages are a severe concern, whether caused by a contingency, natural or man-made. At Open Net Technologies, we equip you with emergency backup plans. This ensures that your medical office or facility stays active with minimal downtime and improves work efficiency.